I would argue that in five to six years time, the concept of IoT will no longer be something that we’re talking about because it’s going to be an inherent part of everything that we do. It’s going to be just another way of optimizing our business. Of course, not only business, also our society. We are utilizing much more of our resources than the earth can produce. We are not becoming fewer, we are becoming many more people on this planet. We are not becoming younger, we are becoming older. Of course unfortunately, we are not becoming healthier, we are becoming sicker.

Meaning that when you take those societal macro-economical changes that are happening, we have to come up with exponential solutions to exponential problems. I would argue that digitalization and IoT is part of that. Not the only solution, but one of the big solutions to some of those problems. This is going to span so many different areas, so this is not only about companies becoming better and smarter about what they do. It’s about our world, and making the world a better place.