Tele2 IOT:2Control

Manage your connectivity

2CONTROL is at the heart of managing both your SIM cards and your connectivity. You’ll be overseeing your IoT solution using one of the most globally recognized IoT platforms – Cisco Jasper – and bundling it with our top-notch connectivity and flexible approach – giving you exactly what you’ve been looking for.  

From logistics to rate plans to troubleshooting: 2CONTROL gives you a single pane view into your entire IoT deployment, putting you in charge. Even better? With Tele2 IoT you get global coverage – and we won’t steer which networks you’re using.  

Through whitelists and two-factor authentication you can prevent unwanted users from gaining access, while also controlling who does have access – and when. Configure tailored automation rules, while also getting notifications when something specific needs your attention.  

Our global support team is always ready to assist you and our trained Cisco Jasper experts will help you get the most out of 2CONTROL. Keeping things up and running is what we’re here to do – and if you need 24/7 support, we can provide that as well.

Top Business Benefits

Manage SIM activation and rate plans

Overview of devices & data consumption

Heightened security

Powered by Cisco Jasper

Tele2 IoT were the first IoT company in Europe to start using Cisco Jasper and we remain one of the biggest players in this arena. Our entire sales team is Cisco Jasper certified, and along with our service managers and solutions consultant to set up the solution that best suits your needs. We also have a dedicated Cisco employee who is a Cisco Jasper expert, and dedicated operational IoT support with our own iNOC (IoT Network Operations Center).

At the end of the day getting access to the Cisco Jasper platform won’t solve all your issues.  The combination of our services, flexible approach and team will make the difference in how your IoT solution plays out. For us it’s about being better at setting you up, being more efficient, and being more creative within the system.

This means you get the expertise you need to get the most value out of the platform – and thus a solution that works for your IoT deployment.

Top Tech Specs


• Streamline operations & reduce costs
• Near real-time diagnostics & usage controls
• Usage & service insights

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