Streamline your SIM management with eSIM and eUICC.

Tele2 IoT’s 2SWITCH lets you change your network provider without dealing with the headaches of physically replacing your SIMs.

Changing operators can be a logistical nightmare, with the hassle of switching SIM cards along enough to give you at least a few sleepless nights.  Based on the GSMA eUICC v3.2 standard, 2SWITCH is Tele2 IoT’s remote subscription management service that gives you the ability to change network provider without physically changing the SIMs in your IoT devices.

Here’s how 2SWITCH makes your IoT solution futureproof:

Over-the-air Provisioning

Think of 2SWITCH as your global insurance policy. You bought your global SIMs but maybe you’re not getting the service or coverage you now need in individual markets to regulatory or commercial reasons. Of course, moving operators can mean physically replacing SIMs, something is not just cost prohibitive but also labor intensive. 2SWITCH does away with the need and cost of physically replacing SIMs, by provisioning a new Operator Profile over-the-air.

Based on the Latest GSMA Standard

GSMA has developed a set of criteria demonstrating compliance on core requirements, which means SIMs can now be securely downloaded into a ‘Secure Element’ that can be permanently embedded inside of any device. Participants in the eSIM ecosystem – mainly mobile operators and enterprise customers – will have the same level of security and protection provided by removable SIMs, while also enjoying interoperability between operators, independent of the SIM vendor, thus reducing lock-in effects.

Multiple Operator Profiles on one SIM

There is not specific limit on the number of profiles that can be stored on an eSIM. In fact, it depends solely on memory available and size of profiles, which enables reuse of physical SIM assets. An eSIM’s memory can range from several KB to several MB.

2SWITCH is the ultimate solution for preparation for future business logic.

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Features & Functionality

• Change connectivity provider over the air

• Support for multiple operator profiles on one SIM

• Based on GSMA standard v3.2


• Simplified logistics & reduced costs for SIM replacement

• Reuse of SIM assets

• Futureproof – compatible with other MNOs

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